About US

Khoshnam Khorasan Company was registeredin 1996 with the objective of producing Polymer pipes and after 4 years of unremitting effort received the license for production of polyethylene pipes in 2000.

With regard to the outlooks and plans ofour chief administrators, the Company succeeded in accomplishing its objectives through taking advantage of the latest equipment and the top technologies as well as the required expertise; and to that effect the Company increased its production capacity up to 630 mm in 2008 via purchasingtwo single-walled Polyethylene pipe lines. Furthermore we have succeeded in providing a variety of products while in 2008 the company succeeded inthe installation and operation of a doublewalled polyethylene pipes production line, (corrugated pipes) manufactured by theChroma Company, Canada and also succeeded in manufacturingdouble-walled stand-alone coupling pipes within the size range of 200mm to up in 2008, andpolyethylene pipes suitable for irrigation in 2009. The company moved further and managed to buy a single-walled polyethylene pipe (up to the size of 800 mm) production line equipped with state of the art technology.

Presently, Khoshnam-e-Khorasan isone of the largest manufacturers (acrossthe country) of single-walled polyethylene pipes with the size range of20 to 800 mm, for a variety of purposes including water supply and wastewater under pressure, andpipes ranging from 16 to 32 mm for pressurized irrigation pipes, as well as PE double-walled pipes (corrugated pipes) from 200 mm to up ; the country is also the only manufacturer of single-walled polyethylene pipes up to 800 mm size in the east and north-east of Iran.

With respect to quality, product variety andannual production capacity of up to 40,950 tons of pipe, the company is now capable of exportingits productsto countries such as Turkmenistan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan; the company can now be regarded as one of the most important exporters of polyethylene pipes within the country.