Khoshnam Khorasan Company as one of the largest/leading manufacturers of Single Wall Polyethylene Pipes (Drip Irrigation, Water Supply, Heavy Sewage), Double Wall corrugated (Heavy Sewage) and Irrigation Tape (TIP) in the country to meet part of the domestic market requirement by creating process-oriented thinking at all levels of its organization committed to adhering to technical and qualitative principles.

This organization believes in the principle of customer orientation and by basing its activities on applicable and practical legal requirements, has always made most of its efforts in order to meet the requirements while providing high quality products compliant with customer demands, while competing in an effective and healthy market, moving towards continuous improvement.

This organization bases on the principle of customer-oriented. Besides, it has put the requirements of the clients and applicable legal requirements of its activities on the table so that the clients have always tried to meet the requirements in order to provide good quality products and in accordance with the demands of a healthy and effective competitive customer in the market. And is moving towards continuous improvement. In this regard, it has set the standards of ISO: 10002-2014, ISO: 10004-2012 as a model of its activities.

Within the organization, it has also sought to ensure that all employees perform their responsibilities well within the existing organizational framework and in accordance with the stated procedures and guidelines. Accordingly, by implementing the ISO: 9001-2015 system, an effective step has been taken to ensure that stakeholders are properly engaged.

The organization outlines its policies as follows and commits itself to their effective implementation and periodic review:

  • To increase sale of products in domestic markets
  • To increase customer’s satisfaction
  • To increase empowerment and upgrade product lines
  • To define and implement effective activities

As CEO, I strongly support the design of the systems and believe in the role and responsibility of all employees in the realization of the above-mentioned policies, while providing the resources needed to meet the demands of customers and the size of their stakeholders. While paving the path of continuous improvement, I expect all contributors to make the most of their abilities in addition to understanding the concepts outlined in this policy towards these four critically important notions as working towards their realization and case studies mentioned above.